Asstastic: A Marcus Ruhl Love Story

Marcus Ruhl: Now that's how you make eye contact.

I know we already have a lot on our minds as it pertains to perfect asses what with all of us salivating at the prospect of Sean Cody’s Brandon finally going bottoms up, but I’m going to set aside a moment to appreciate this fine man meat right here:

Hot man meat Marcus Ruhl

Hot man meat Marcus Ruhl

I’m sure you recognize Marcus Ruhl, owner of this masterpiece:

Marcus Ruhl's plump juicy ass

Marcus Ruhl’s plump juicy ass

Look at it.

Featured: Not Kim Kardashian

Featured: Not Kim Kardashian

I mean, look at it.

If it weren’t for the carpet, you would have no idea this ass wasn’t Kim Kardashian’s. Forget bouncing a quarter off this sweetheart; invite your friends over to use this firm round number as a table for teatime. It’ll be the first table you’re happy to bang into.

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