Bottoms Up: Will He Or Won’t He (Brandon from SeanCody)

Brandon from Sean Cody is such a tease!

Rumors are going around that Sean Cody’s Brandon might take one for the team and go for bottoms in an upcoming scene. Sources won’t confirm or deny, but spectators remain hopeful regardless of how improbable the idea is.

“Unless Brandon comes to terms with his sexuality and God, he’s going to remain a top,” says a reliable source.





Brandon seems to go along with the old Viking belief that you’re only gay if you bottomed. “I’m totes not gay,” says fake-Twitter Brandon. “Cooters are my favorite. Yum!”

With pretty clear-cut evidence like that, it doesn’t seem like being a bottom is on Brandon’s agenda. That won’t keep him from teasing us though.

Let us know who you’d want to pop Brandon’s ass cherry. (I’d offer my services as a top, but my foot’s asleep. I expect it will stay that way forever.)