Save The Rubbers

Save the rubber!

Condoms are probably one of the greatest inventions ever. For one, they prevent tiny versions of people running rampant through grocery stores, knocking shit over, and biting at people’s ankles. Even though getting pregnant isn’t exactly an issue among gay men (until science goes too far), there are still health implications of not wearing a condom. Personally speaking, every time I watch a scene I make a quick note that they’re wearing condoms. And while condoms won’t prevent everything, they’ll do their best, which is better than nothing.

Pictured: A safe banana

Pictured: A safe banana

What I’m worried about, though, is if people start digitally removing the condoms (not to mention with the skyrocket of bareback scenes), will guys start thinking it’s okay to not use condoms? Is it going to be the 80s all over again? Are we going to take for granted this thin little coating of latex that protects us from no many unnecessary illnesses and ignore them completely?

Digitally removed condom. At least it's actually there. Safety first!

Digitally removed condom. At least it’s actually there. Safety first!

Maybe not you. Definitely not me. But say we get some impressionable new guy in here and he thinks, man, these guys aren’t using condoms, why should I? And there goes a whole new generation for us to worry about. Fine, so these young little shits will never know how great it was to blow into a Nintendo cartridge or what a floppy disk is, but I won’t stand for this same old bullshit that we should already be done with. How many Freddie Mercurys, Graham Chapmans, and Rock Hudsons do we have to go through before we really learn anything enough to make a change?

I say keep the obvious rubber. If looking at it turns you off, you’re probably also the sort of person who gets angry at gay porn in general. Maybe try the straight section of pornhub you kinky bastard.